Dance Remainings is a Swedish/Chilean dance and performance duo collaboration between Sebastián Ruiz Bartilson and Jonny Berg founded in 2017 based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The starting point of our work lies in the search for reaching of each other and finding forms of relating. Driven by our need of generating sincere communication and deeper connection as performers and with the audience, we direct our work towards topics of togetherness and brotherhood. About reclaiming and rediscovering contact with our bodies and ourselves as physical beings. We strive to convey a particular point of view on eroticism and intimacy transcending moulds and social categories. Using elements of contemporary dance, contact improvisation, martial arts and ritual practices.

Sebastian R. Bartilson is a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, teacher and performance artist, with a versatile “body research” experience. Now researching the power of ritualized actions on stage, highly influenced by Latin American traditions and performative art in South America. He works within identity/rituality placing biography and the body as a protagonist for a particular dance discourse blending primitive elements with today’s corporal perspectives. He studied Dance at Escuela y centro de danza Espiral, Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano in Santiago, Chile. At the moment he is an active member of Danscentrum Väst and part of the Contact Impro crew in Gothenburg.

Jonny Berg is a professional cross-disciplinary performer and creator, trained in dance, theatre and performance art. Also experienced puppeteer and practitioner of contact improvisation. Interested in authentic movement and non-verbal relations in scenic reflection. With a Degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theatre Studies from the University of Gothenburg, thesis "Speaking bodies, sensing eyes" that talks about the communication between dancer and spectator and the perception of physical actions on stage via kinesthetic empathy and haptic visuality.