"Reclaiming Connection" - A Contact Improvisation Workshop 

About Contact Improvisation


Contact improvisation is an improvised dance form based on the communication between two or more moving bodies that are in physical contact. It is a free play and exploration where the dancers support and utilize each other's body weight while in motion. The practice includes releasing excess muscular tension in order to enter the natural flow of movement. Contact improvisation can be used as a tool for working with physical liberation, self defining and centering as well as finding a space of togetherness and trust among others.


For whom


The workshop is open to ALL bodies and enquiring minds, as there is no obvious rule defining right or wrong. This is an opportunity to use the body as the main tool for self empowering and discovering. We aim to bring forth a physical/emotional experience about a shared moment of movement that leaves the participants informed about themselves and others, centered and uplifted. The workshop works as a platform for further discussion of our relations towards our own and other bodies.

Design of the Workshop


We start with a presentation of each other including every participant. We talk about the activities during the workshop and its concepts.


We continue with a warming up and then going directly to some basic exercises in order to get familiar with the physicality of Contact improvisation.


We will work on concepts of self centering, full body awareness, breathing, listening, exploration of movement and physical contact.


We will explore the skills of falling, rolling, counterbalance, lifting using minimal effort, how to make ourselves light when being lifted, centering and breathing techniques, and responsiveness to our partners and surroundings.


Finally we develop a group dance “jam” where everyone can use the concepts received during the workshop and apply the knowledge that they like the most. We will be ending with a cooling down massage.


To sum up the workshop we will be gathering in a “sharing” circle with room for discussion and questions.



We will be needing a room with enough space and a floor where we can move.


Possible need of audio speakers.


Comfortable clothing for the participants.

Interested in Workshop?


Please contact us.